French Plug Voltage Protector 220V Model No. K01FR
French Plug Voltage Protector 220V Model No. K01FR
French Plug Voltage Protector 220V Model No. K01FR

French Plug Voltage Protector 220V Model No. K01FR

Protect against

Over Voltage
Under Voltage
Powerback Surges

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Voltage Protector is also called as Power Guard, Safeguard or Automatic Voltage Switcher, which is designed to protect all the voltage sensitive appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, etc. It can automatically disconnect the mains power once the voltage is out of the normal range, preventing the appliances being damaged due to over voltage or under voltage. Once the input voltage backs to normal range, it will automatically reconnect to the power grid.

The Voltage Protector constantly monitors the voltage on the power line, and if this is out of the allowed range, it disconnects the equipment. In this condition, the Voltage Protector will only reconnect it after certain delay time when the voltage returns to the proper working range. This connection delay is of vital importance for the protection of your refrigeration equipment.

Model No. K01FR
Brand Name YXST
Operating Voltage
Operating Frequency
50 Hz-60 Hz
Over Voltage Cut-off
260VAC (could be customized)
Under Voltage Cut-off
165VAC (could be customized)
Delay Time for Reconnection 210 Seconds + Bypass (quick start)
Output Capacity
15 Amps , 3300 Watts
Standard Package

Double Blister + Card

Warranty 1 Year

Ideal for:
Fax machines
Electronic equipment up to 15 amps

Product Feature:

1.100% autonomous design, have patent for profile, circuit and structure.
2. All circuit design based on the microchip set, with safe performance.
3. SMT technology ,two waveband weld unleaded ,high precision ,and environment protection.
4. PC material for shell, thermostability and antiflaming.
5. Phosphor bronze terminal for plug and socket,better flexible and better electric conduction.
6.Spot welding for wire joining, strong connect fastness with zero resistance.